Hi Friend! I have helped hundreds of people just like you get past their tech overwhelm and start a business they love.

My goal is to teach you get your business online simply and strategically so that you can make an impact in your life, family and the people around you. I believe we should run our businesses in a way that also impacts others so 10% of revenue that comes into my businesses will go directly out to non-profits that serve women who have been sexually exploited.

My passion of getting people up and running comes from my own past. In my early 20’s I didn’t see any economic options and that led me to a 13 year career in Adult Entertainment.

After struggling with addiction and abuse I fought hard to get out of the industry and learned leadership, tech and business skills so that I could build a business that I loved and that honored God. Now with 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur I know there is freedom, impact and joy on the other side of running your own business and I want you too feel that too!

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The 7 week course:

Is 2021 the year you are FINALLY going to get your business online?

The Savage Start Academy is a 7 week program to get your online business set up. Start strong, save time, and get off the hustle bus to get your life back. You don’t have to figure out all the digital to do’s – we have done it for you.

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The Monthly Membership:

Simple monthly strategies to drop the tech overwhelm and build an online presence you love!

There is a way to have your branding, website and emails feel JUST like you without spending months trying to get it all set up and I can show you how. In this monthly membership I will give you the strategies and tech know how to get your business online without overwhelm.

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