Sandi Savage is a multi-passionate, multi business entrepreneur and non-profit founder. She is the Owner and Founder of The Kentucky Maker Company, Co-Founder of Lexington CoWorking and the Senior Pastor of The 3:17 Church.

Hey y’all! I’m Sandi.

I’m a 9th generation Kentuckian and in the fall of 2008 my life changed forever. I brushed elbows with my future husband at an awkward Halloween party at our church and I was done. I knew he was the one. I was dressed as a princess and he had on a hoodie that was printed with the guts of what we look like beneath our skin. Gross. Totally Gross.

We married in the Spring of 2010, 3 days before my 40th birthday and we love our life. We are builders of things like businesses, ministry, life, family and more, but most importantly builders of people and love. We are currently in Lexington KY but we have – in less than a decade of marriage – lived in South Beach Fl, Baltimore MD, St Augustine FL and back to Lexington where we have finally put down some roots with our 3 diva cats…

My past was a life filled with moving around the world, spending 8 years of it in Mexico City and as wonderful as it sounds to have had that jet set life – the career I had chosen in order to have it was less than desirable.

I was a stripper. An international adult entertainer for over a decade. My past was filled with chaotic drama, abuse, tears, heartbreak, alcoholism and drug addiction, 2 failed marriages, hopelessness and depression. Can I tell you – I was a mess and looked put together on the outside.

Then in 2003 I met Jesus. Not the Jesus I had heard of growing up. Not the finger pointer. Not the hell-fire brimstone everyone goes to hell version various churches had described, but a loving, welcoming, embracing, fighting for me Jesus. The one who loves and rejects no one.

Lots has happened along the way in this crazy journey of faith. I survived cancer. I struggled with infertility. I learned a lot, was betrayed a lot, made amazing friends and Jesus healed some deep places of pain that are now a deep well of wisdom and joy. Ask me about it sometime. I’ll give you non-censored view from my perspective.

I love many things. My husband, family, friends, my stunning cats, Pip, SugarBerri and SnowToe (you would love them too if you met them), my community, church (as messed up as it can be, it’s still my fam), writing, creating, working with all the yarn, teaching and learning.

And I love you! Everyone who reads these words or hears my voice. Your success, life, hopes and plans matter to me. You can be anywhere in your faith journey – you are valuable. You can have way different views than I do – let’s have some great conversation.

I believe we can all make a difference in this world. We can stand up for the oppressed, we can listen to the brokenhearted, we can love deeply and real change is possible. Let’s do this life together.

So glad you’re here.