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2022 Podcast Season Starts Now! Episode #21

Y’all I have missed my podcast fam so so much!

Take a listen and get caught up on all things happening in the world of The Savages! Since we last talked some MAJOR things have gone down! This season we will be releasing a new Podcast every Tuesday. So! Let’s get started!


Welcome to the Sandi Savage show. I am your host, Sandi Savage. This is a weekly podcast released every Tuesday, dedicated to crafting a healthy life in our mind, body and spirit. We’re going to be talking about becoming a little better each day with simple strategic steps and how to actually achieve the dreams we have. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t even dream anymore.

Let’s find that fierce in you again. Oh my gosh. So I am a first-time mom of a newborn at the age of 50, a wellness and business coach, a ninth generation Kentuckian. And I love all things crafty. I mean, give me all the yarn, please. And I have the most amazing husband, Tim Savage. So thanks for listening.

You all let’s get started Oh my goodness. Y’all, it has been a wild ride since the last time I got to talk to you. Oh, I am so excited for this new season of this podcast. So many things have happened in the last year. And so what we’re going to do is I am going to recap you on everything that has gone on,

and then we’re going to jump in to some awesomeNES, are you ready? Okay. So the last time that we talked was 2020, I had just opened my retail shop in a new city and 11 days after that COVID hit. And so we had to close down our yarn shop for the next. Yeah. How long did that last? Oh,

wait, it lasted a long time. So after just being online for a few months, we ended up moving into a great little spot and had that retail spot open for quite a while. And just recently we went to fully on line. So if you still need anything as far as yarn and fabric and all that, yes. You can find it online now with all that,

you know, I love to be crafty. It is something that I think is part of my mental and emotional health. Like I am a knitter and a crocheter and a quilter. And if you all do not know the news also what happened in this past year is I became a first time mom at the age of 50, a beautiful, beautiful baby girl.

She is a mazing. And that was a really, really long journey for those of you who may not know the whole history of that. When my husband and I got married almost 12 years ago, I had a diagnosis of breast cancer after our first year of marriage. And so I went through chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and reconstruction. And, and by now it’s been,

that was 2011. After that, it really messed with my fertility. I’ve done some other podcasts on that and you can listen to those, but in a recap y’all we tried to get pregnant after that for a really long time. And then we shifted into working with some fertility doctors, and I found a great doctor that I just loved out of Syracuse,

New York. And we worked with him through retrievals and transfers. And every time the transfers were failing. And if you don’t know anything about IVF, like it is a lot of fricking needles. It is so many tests and so many needles and so many procedures and surgeries and in the retrieval, I mean, there’s a great big needle that they stick in you to retrieve the,

I mean, it is all timed out. It’s all incredible. The transfers were not as challenging as retrieval, but every single time the transfers were failing. And so it was a really, really hard, hard season for us. And in that with all of the medicine, like it took a toll on my body, for sure. It did. I slipped into a depression.

My body started holding an incredible immense amount of inflammation and it’s taken a long time to, to recover from that. But here’s what ended up happening. So after another failed transfer, my incredible sister-in-law who is Tim’s brother’s wife asked if she could carry our child for us. So for the embryos that we had, she said, Hey, let me carry your embryo.

So she was like our oven. And I was like, gosh, if you’re really sure. And she’s like, yes, I get to give birth to my niece. And that is going to be incredible. And so we started the process with her and she went through, you know, transfers and transfers and the meds. And in 2020 at the very end on December 7th,

we went up for a transfer to Syracuse and that one stuck. And so on that day, we got to celebrate and celebrate and celebrate. And our sweet baby Josephine was born on August 29th, 2021. And so we like, it has been such an incredible, incredible, incredible ride. I’ll I’ll fill you all in on tons of those details later. You know,

I’ll do a whole podcast on IVF, but we have our little girl. And since we worked at having a baby for 11 years, I mean, Tim and I got married when I was just about to turn 40 I’m 50 years old for the newborn now. And it has been amazing. And let me tell you what,, you know, mom life,

you know, we are not sleeping and that’s just fine. So in that whole process of IVF and our retail shop, you know, going fully online and me knowing like, as, as we were getting ready for Josephine to get here, I knew that like my body, oh, such a toll had been taken on it. Like I had to pull it together.

I was like, okay, I’m 50 years old. I am getting out of breath, walking up steps. I am not able to get up off the floor without my knees hurting my back hurts and you know, all the things. And I was like, I have to take control of this. So I did, I stepped back into coaching. And for those of you who don’t know,

I have worked on and off with a company for almost seven years, and they’re an amazing company. I’ve, I’ve always loved all of their products. And I decided to step back into the land of coaching because I really love helping people. And I know the state that I was in and having the accountability of helping other people in the middle of that really helped me in my journey too.

And so, gosh, I’m feeling so much better. And thank goodness because she is growing fast. She’s four months old now and wow, I would not have had the strength or the energy to be getting up off the floor, holding her she’s she weighs a lot already. And let me tell you what I would have been in a really hard, hard situation.

Had I not said, I have got to take control of my health. I’ve got to take control of my emotional eating. I have to take control over the energy levels that I was feeling. And so I did, I made a decision and I was like, I have to do something. And I know there are a lot of people. I talk to a lot of people every single day.

And one thing that I hear all the time is I really don’t have time to take care of my health or I’m happy the way that I am. Oh yes. I’ve got chronic inflammation and I am tired all the time, but Hey, I’m going to be positive about it. Okay. So I don’t think that’s what being positive about this. To be honest,

I think in looking at how we feel every day, if you can improve that a little bit every single day, the compound effect of that is incredible. Like even if you just take small steps of drinking more water every day, drop the soda, just drink more water, eat some more vegetables. I think that right now there is,

gosh, this diet culture is so, so toxic. And that is another episode that I’m going to be doing, but learning how to eat as fueling your body and enjoying life with your food, moving a little bit every day so that you get stronger. Like that’s what we need to be focused on. Not, Hey, let me try to cut everything out of my life and now I’m going to be miserable.

And, but I’m going to lose weight. Like it’s not about that. And I think that that is a really, really incorrect and toxic mindset. Instead, I started looking at what do I get to add into my life? Like I get to add in feeling better. I get to add in more energy. I get to add in like, yes,

there’s fruits and vegetables and all that, but it means that I need to eat more. I need to eat way more than I thought in order for my body to be fueled correctly. So listen, if you have, if you have struggles with that, reach out to me, you can, you can DM me. You can send me an email – reach out.

Like if you’ve got questions about that, I am more than happy to answer those questions. You know, my Instagram is @SandiSavage, go over there. You can DM me and we’ll have a conversation. If we’re friends on Facebook, you can also ask me over there. You know, it’s not that hard to find me guys.

So that was my health journey of this year. And I knew like there’s been so many major changes that I was like, this is going to be the best years ever. And y’all, I’ve had, if you’ve know any part of my story, like I’ve had some really challenging years of my life and I’ve had some really, really amazing, beautiful years of my life and to sit and go,

you know what, though, these are going to be the best years ahead. Like that hope is just overflowing into the things that I’m getting to do right now. And the people that I’m getting to coach and talk to and lead through their own journeys. Like it is incredible. And that does not mean that it isn’t challenging. Like I believe that the,

some of the most joy is found in, in real hard stuff. Like in the ways that you go, okay, this is how I’m going to show up. This is how I’m going to show up for my one life. This is what I’m going to do. And that doesn’t mean some big, huge thing that you have to do that could mean having confidence and a feeling of self-worth that you walk into with every morning that you get to wake up.

So, you know, one of the things I was like, man, ah, yes, I can talk on stories and I can do all that. But I have missed my podcast community. I have missed being able to talk to you guys and it feels so, so good to be back in front of this mic. So listen, I’m going to be catching us up a little bit each following week,

and we’re going to go into some topics that like, it could be a kick in the pants. Sometimes I think that we all need a kick in the pants sometimes. I mean, if you want to be honest, but we’re going to have a lot of fun here. Let’s stay inspired because it’s hard. We need each other to do that. Let’s be strong,

be courageous and live, live, live, live like heavy, heavy, fierce, wonderful life. And you know, one of the things that is really important to me is that those things are assessable, that there are simple strategic steps that you can take in order to live your fullest life, to live your fiercest life. So let’s do that together.

And I want to do that with you. Are you ready for that? Oh my gosh. I am. I am. I am. I am for sure. So every Tuesday I’ll see you here and I am so excited for what this next year is going to bring to all of us. Gosh, get excited. Y’all it’s going to be in credible.

Well, thank you so much for joining us today was so great to talk to you all. Now we will be back next Tuesday as usual. So be sure to follow us and subscribe to this podcast. Also, if you have any thoughts about what you’d like to hear, you can absolutely email us at or DM me on Instagram. That’s Sandi Savage on Instagram.

I would love, love to connect with you. See you next Tuesday and have an amazing, amazing week

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