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Does your life sometimes feel like a tangled mess? No matter what has transpired in the past friend, you are a work of art in progress. If you can’t see it in your story, listen to hers.

The simplicity of Sandi’s life on an idyllic 1,000-acre Kentucky farm began to unravel when she found a stack of magazines never realizing it would fuel her descent into an underworld of drugs, fast cash, and the global sex industry. In cities across the world, her hunger to be loved drove her into a suffocating web of adult entertainment. But rather than choking out her life, the tangled threads of her story were woven into a tapestry of restoration, one brave choice at a time. From stripping to spirals of alcohol and cocaine addiction – she emerges into surprising hope – 25+ years of sobriety, 20+ years of ministry, surviving breast cancer, and finally becoming a first-time mother at the age of 50.

Sandi Savage draws readers into an eyewitness experience of redemption through You Knit Me. She describes her disappointments and pain with brutal honesty as she shares her reflections with the voice of experiential wisdom. Intense, authentic, and reflective, You Knit Me is the story of resilience and overcoming extreme odds to live a beautiful, restored life – a story that can inspire anyone to do the same.

We each have a story – a wide array of painful things that have transpired in our lives leaving us hurt, angry, or betrayed – but if we will be honest and vulnerable about it, we will discover that none of us are alone.

Even more importantly, none of us have to be defined by it. When we pursue healing, we can emerge as stronger human beings, growing in love, patience and compassion for others. - Sandi Savage

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Sandi Savage is a dynamic author, speaker, cancer survivor and an overcomer of years of abuse and exploitation she experienced while working in the sex industry. She is passionate about equipping people to live a life of freedom through Jesus and telling those stories to the world. 

With over 20 years of experience in adult ministry she is a voice of wisdom and resilience for those who need to borrow courage to overcome their own life obstacles. 

Sandi is a ninth-generation Kentuckian, has lived across the globe and currently resides in central Kentucky with her husband Tim, baby girl Josephine, and two diva cats SugarBerri and SnowToe.

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