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Celebrating 18 years of sobriety today. What can happen in 18 years?

Left: 18 years ago in a hotel in Mexico a few months before I hit the bottom of alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Right: A few weeks ago. TODAY I get to celebrate 18 YEARS of SOBRIETY. What’s happened in those 18 years? I worked hard to get out of a 13 year career in adult entertainment. I became a Christian in 2003. I started support groups in 2006 for women who struggle with sex addiction and launched a non profit in 2007 helping women who are in the sex industry. I met and married my amazing husband and have gotten to be a part of hundreds and thousands of lives changed. I survived Breast Cancer. We launched a thriving church plant in South Beach. Now I’m writing and recording books and music. I love my family and friends deeply and have the capacity to do so. NEVER GIVE UP. Keep on going. You CAN do it!!