DR’s Report and More…

Hi all –  Just to fill everyone in-  We got the pathology report back for our last Dr’s appt. and it was really great 🙂 They got all the cancer out and the margins of tissue around it was clear. YES!

They biopsied the lymph nodes and they were clear. YES!

Here’s the deal – the cancer was a particular type called triple negative which just means there is a high reoccurrence rate and they always treat it with chemo even if my lymph nodes are all clear as a preventative measure. The great news is they do not have to do radiation also. I meet with my oncologist in January to see how long I will need to do chemo. Along with that, since there is no radiation treatment I can have a double mastectomy and reconstruction during the same surgery. We WERE  looking at having to do chemo, mastectomy, radiation for a few months then reconstruction and all that would have taken about a year. NOW I will be done in 3-4 months 🙂 FANTASTIC! I know it’s from the prayers many of you prayed…Thank you and keep praying…Also – a big thanks to you all that made food, checked in and just loved and supported me through this first surgery. The biggest shift in our household has been that we changed all our eating habits to organic foods and an actual balanced diet. (Thank you Chuck’s G’s life group for the great juicer!) I feel like my view of health has been healed in this process. You’ll hear more from me about that soon. It’s really amazing. I am actually already feeling better post-cancer than I did before. Again, this battle was already won the day I gave my life to Christ. I trust Him and can’t wait to see the redemption He has in store for all this. We become stronger and overcomers after having something to overcome. If you are in the middle of a battle, trust Him, take it day to day, and live in His amazing love.  If you are in a health battle remember: as Holly Wagner reminded me – Jesus went around healing people. Not making them sick. He is a HEALER. You can lean into Him in the middle of your storm. I’ll be updating everyone soon on the past couple of weeks – They have been pretty stunning. From speaking at an event 30 hours after getting out of surgery (Click to see pics here) to some amazing conversations and more…

Love to you all – Sandra

PS. If you have never been to The Mat of Friday nights, a place of Freedom and Recovery, you will want to come this Friday. Get to Quest Community Church around 6:45 pm – I’m leading an all worship night that is going to be STUNNING!