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I am Cancer Free!

I’d love to thank everyone who has prayed for us, supported us and spurred us along in this journey. I had 3 amazing doctors along the way, Dr AJ at Central Baptist, Dr Levan at Bluegrass Plastic surgery and Dr Harper at the John B Cronin CancerCenter. If you didn’t know about my past season with cancer you can go HERE to get caught up. I had surgery on July 10th that lasted a bit over 5 hours. Because of my size before, and that I didn’t have to do radiation treatments I was a candidate for a one step procedure. That meant they could do the double mastectomy and the complete reconstruction at the same time, meaning NO MORE SURGERIES! I was in the hospital for a couple of days, then released to recuperate. My healing has been super fast, the doctors said “We need to do a study on you!” I said “It’s Jesus” 🙂 My pathology report came back and there is NO MORE CANCER! It was a journey I will not forget. Jesus was able to set me apart, purify me in ways that only going through this could, and give me real clarity on His next steps for my husband and I. As most of you know Tim and I are launching a church in Miami Beach and we would love for you to be a part of it! It is going to be an incredible adventure loving a culture that mostly has no idea that Jesus loves everyone, no matter what. BeLoved will be continuing strong in KY as well as having a branch in Miami. Tim and I will be launching the church, Everyone Makes It on October 11, 2012. 10/11/12.  The vision of this ministry is taken from Psalm 18:30 (MSG) – “Everyone who runs toward Him makes it.” That if you seek Him you will FIND Him. That no matter who your are, or what you’ve done, Jesus has great plans for you that include freedom, transformation and sharing the Good News with others. We will have services every Thursday night. Our goal is to launch a Church through the awakening of authentic worship in South Beach Miami. This movement will shine through the Everyone Makes It Church team and regional worship leaders. The Church will happen in the form of a weekly service at the church in South Beach, Weekly Home Group Meetings, a Monthly Worship Music Event (400 Attendance at a local theater) that includes a 25 minute sermon and a Quarterly Worship Event (4000 Attendance) at various locations in Miami. You can be a part of this adventure in the form of prayer, referrals, finances or you. If you feel a tug on your heart in any of these areas, please act. Go HERE and let us know. We can’t wait to see all Jesus wants to do! Love you all!