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The 3 Step Framework to Start a Ministry



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with Confidence

Where do I start?

Are you passionate about starting a ministry but don’t know where to begin? Do you feel overwhelmed by the steps needed to turn your vision into reality? 

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many ministry leaders face these challenges.

That's why we've created a comprehensive, 3 step guide to help you get started with confidence. Our free masterclass, The 3 Step Framework to Start a Ministry is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to develop your ministry successfully.

Discover and Live in Your Calling

What is The Ministry Confidence Masterclass?

This is more than just a class—it’s a transformative experience designed to guide you through discovering your unique calling from God and how to put it into action. Whether you're feeling stuck knowing what to do or are eager to get started but not sure how, The Ministry Confidence Masterclass provides the tools and teachings to help you align your life with your true purpose.

Discover your calling and mission: Learn how to pinpoint what drives you and how you can make a meaningful impact.

Communicating the mission and how to start building the ministry

Building out the first steps to kickoff your ministry!

Ministry Confidence 

Ministry Confidence 

Ministry Confidence 

Here’s What You’ll Experience:


“Sandi's course provided me with the clarity and confidence I needed to start my ministry. The practical steps and supportive community made all the difference!”

Meet Sandi

I am dedicated to empowering believers to grow deeper in their faith and live out their God-given purpose.

Over 22 years ago, I found myself at rock bottom, with two failed marriages, battling addiction, and trapped in the dark world of the sex industry. But my story didn't end there. Against all odds, I fought to break free from the chains that bound me and embarked on a journey of healing and restoration.

Drawing from my experiences as a pastor, author, non-profit and business founder, I created a set of online courses - The Shine Blueprints that will inspire, educate, and equip you to thrive in your walk with God.

CEO of The Shine Blueprints

hi friend!

I’m Sandi Savage

Starting a ministry is a significant and rewarding endeavor, but it can also be challenging. This masterclass will equip you with the foundational knowledge and confidence you need to overcome these challenges and launch your ministry successfully. 

Expert Guidance: Learn from an experienced ministry leader.

Practical Steps: Get actionable steps you can implement immediately.

Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey.

Why you should attend:

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss it:

Stay Motivated and Focused to Accomplish all God has Called You to Do!

Build and Launch Your Ministry with Confidence

Discover Your Calling and Mission


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Transform your passion into action.

YOU can make a difference.

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