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Quick Update from the Shop!


Hey, you all Sandi Savage here I am at the shop today. I was just getting a few orders together because you know, the physical location is closed. I want to keep our people safe and with the nature of yarn and fabric, like you want to touch it. You want to squish it. And that is not good for the season that we’re in right now.

So I’m at the shop. I’ve been getting together some orders that are going out because you can still shop online. You go to So this August I have been going live. I’m trying to go live Monday through Friday. I may miss a day, but trying to do a live every day, Monday through Friday. Some friends of mine and I, we are, we did a little challenge with each other and we were like, let’s go live every, you know, every day in August. And I was like, well, for sure, I’m probably not gonna do it. Like every single day, probably not going to happen on the weekends, but I could do it Monday through Friday.

And, I’m hitting like four times a week, but I wanted to jump on here cause I’m here at the shop. I’ve gotten in some really pretty new blue sky fibers colors. I’ve gotten in some new Knit collage colors. If you want to go over to the website and look for that now.

I, myself personally in August, like when I’m looking at knitting, I start planning out what I want to next for the next few seasons for the next few months. So I’m starting to plan out like my Christmas stuff. I’m starting to plan out my personal stuff that I’m going to do. And I wanted to show you actually what I’m working on right now.

So yesterday I was out fishing the Elkhorn with my husband and I love to fish. I have fished all my life and you know, I’m from Kentucky. There’s a lot of water there and I grew up with a grandmother that loved to fish too so I have been always fishing and Tim is like really loving it right now too.

So we’ve been fishing, it’s something that we’ve been able to do together. Yay. I feel like I’m trying to will the fall in right now, I’ve got like on a fall color flannel shirt and everything. I’m like, Oh my gosh, yes can fall just be here. Because yesterday I was hot on the Elkhorn. It was so hot and it was at the latter part of the day and it was so hot. I was like, uh, want fall. And in my mind I was going now, when fall comes around and winter comes around, you’re outside and you’re doing stuff. My ears are sensitive. And so I am planning on making a cute hat. I’m going to knit a cute hat that has some ear flaps.

So that was one of the things that I’m planning right now. So I found a pattern that I liked and I’m going to put some fair isle work into it probably. Sarah just said, I’m begging for this last month of summer. I’m like, great. Get the summer. I love summer, but I LOVE fall and winter.

Like I used to be a total just summer, summer, summer, summer, but I’ll tell you what, there’s something about the fall and the winter when the smell changes in the air and it gets a little crisp and you’re drinking a little tea and you’re sitting there knitting and fishing and stuff, it’s just, it’s just fun for me.

So I started planning, Hey, I need a new hat so I can get out on the water with it. I’d like to, I prefer doing wool because okay. I personally like it. I think sometimes people go, Whoa, and they think it’s really scratchy. But wool now is just really soft and beautiful.

My personal favorites of wool is like, if I’m going to do like a worsted wool, I’ll do blue sky fiber Woolstok. And these, these are the three colors that I’m going to do at my hat. Then of course it doesn’t take this much yarn. It just takes three skeins, but I’m going to do it in like a little blue, a gray, and this really pretty coppery color.

So if you want to get something planned, Hey, if you’re like, I don’t even know how to plan out my knitting and everything or my crochet or my, you know, whatever you want to do, whatever kind of craft there is. Shoot me a message and just go, whew. What’s what are colors that are coming up this fall?

What are, you know, just as someone who does knit wear, I’m always looking at what good colors and all that kind of deal. What are good patterns that are coming up for the upcoming season? So, you know, since I’m going love every day, I thought I would jump on and let y’all know the shop still open online.

I’m still shipping stuff. And we’re taking precautions here at the shop when we’re shipping things. But we’re probably not gonna open physically again for a bit. I want to make sure that our clientele is safe and with yarn and people touching and squishiness and all that kind of fun-ness. I don’t think it’s probably the best environment to try to have people in.

So anyway, you know, this month I’ve been talking a lot about story kind of the nature of the story. And as much as you all know about my story, there’s pieces that you might not know. You know, I’ve, I’ve been reading some from the book and I’m still writing on the book, but I think that the value is of a story is really important for us to be sharing our stories and to get that out there.

You know, some of the things that I really love to do that I love to do was because my grandmother, you know, she taught me to crochet at a very young age. She taught me to fish and those are things that I still do that really relates to a lot of my self care practices of being able to be creative, to be in nature, to just soak up life and to take a rest when you need to. So, anyway, I’m going to share a little bit about that, of my story and sure. My colors that I’m using for my hats are here. I think those are cute. Check online, check some of the new colors.

So we’ve got new blue sky fiber colors and we’ve got new knit collage colors that are in and still shipping out. I hope you all have a fantastic, okay. And I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

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