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Yikes! My hair fell out! and other fun chemo facts

Hi all! Sorry it’s been a while since filling everyone in! It’s been a super busy season – from prepping for the fantastic BeLoved Gala (get your tix HERE! – remember – it’s a strictly over 21 event) to the Mat Chili cook off, from launching round 2 of Engage to DR’s appointments – it’s been a blast! Here is the info from the Doctors: I have 6 rounds of chemo, (have already had one) 3 weeks apart so will be done with chemo by May 1st. Then we wait a month for my system to build back up and I will have a double mastectomy and a reconstruction in the same operation, and will be DONE! It is such the best case scenario for something like this. While they got all the cancer out – it was an aggressive form of cancer so we are taking super precaution in it not coming back. I am doing the T+C chemo treatment and fortunately do not have to do the “A” chemo treatment which is commonly referred to as “the red devil”  – THAT was great news! 10 days after my first treatment my hair started coming out. It just so happened that it  started coming out on my amazing husbands birthday, and the next day LOTS started coming out so we shaved my head. We had heard a great word from Jesus that every hair that I lose was one step further into God’s plan for our life – since I love to run into God’s plans we shaved it off 🙂 Here is the funny part – it was fantastic! I actually really like having no hair. I was thinking about how long my hair was, and how much time it took to grow it that long, and it was so freeing to get rid of it all! Just a fresh new start on my head. AND now it takes less than 15 seconds to do my hair. I just put on a wig and and go. 🙂 No straightening, no drying, no curling – it cut 45 minutes off my day getting ready. I do think that even after my hair grows back I will continue to wear wigs 🙂 You will never know what color hair I will show up with – blonde, red… it’s fun to play with. There have been some strange chemo reactions that I didn’t expect. Heartburn, super dry skin, flu-ish symptoms the first week, tiredness… but all of that is manageable and today, I am feeling great. I have anti-nausea pills and they helped out SO MUCH! The sad part is that because my immune system is low I am not supposed to be in big crowds or hug anyone. If you know me, you know I am a hugger so that has been tough. So I have been watching weekend services online (If you haven’t been to my great church – GO! OR watch online like I have been doing – just go HERE for the website) Tim and I are still eating organic, and I can tell so much of a difference. It feels great to not have so many chemicals in our food. (Go HERE to read about the why.) It has been quite a journey, and I love getting to lean into Jesus in the middle of this great season. Jesus has been talking my ear off on some of the amazing things He has in store for this year…Keep checking back as I roll some of it out…Thanks everyone for your prayers! Love you all, Sandra