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29 Days till Spring

springI absolutely love to travel and go so many places you may not know where I actually live.

Right now my husband and I live in Central Kentucky. If you haven’t heard, let me tell you – it’s cold. WAY COLD. I’ve lived in Iceland before, and it wasn’t this cold.

-14 with wind chill. coldGood grief. Make sure to keep a little water running through your pipes and if you have to get outside dress in layers.

As I was watching the Morning News  a fantastic tidbit of information graced my screen. 29 Days till Spring.

It was like a breath of fresh, (and warm) air.

It was also a reminder that seasons don’t last forever. With central Kentucky sitting in the middle of a deep freeze it’s hard to remember. “When will this snow end?” we all yell at the top of our freezing lungs. The reality is, in just a few weeks. Then it will warm up, flowers will bloom and Spring will have sprung.

In the middle of the cold we can lose sight of the warm weather around the corner, thinking we are destined to live in a frozen tundra.

Remember, seasons don’t last forever.

When I was in the season of chemo, it felt like it would never end, but it did, my hair grew back and is longer now than it was before I lost it all.

If you know my history, you know I’ve been though quite a few seasons. If you don’t know it, read it HERE. Soon, I’ll start writing about  my most recent season.

I don’t know what season you are in. What I do know is it won’t last forever. Whatever pain, grief, annoyance or hardship will end. Spring will come again to your life. Fight for it and know, a different season is right around the corner.

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