A few years ago I took a road trip to Utah with my friend Mona. It was a blast o…

A few years ago I took a road trip to Utah with my friend Mona. It was a blast of a time even though there were a ton of obstacles on the drive. The landscape changed constantly. From mountains to flat. From straight roads to curvy. .
We hit the mountains of Colorado and it started to rain. Soon after, a snowstorm whipped up that was scary to navigate through. We didn’t know how long it would last and my knuckles turned white as we were fighting tiredness and heightened anxiety.
We made it though, slowly going a mile at a time and made it to our destination in Utah. We had a glorious time and saw some amazing sights. .
Sometimes in life, (most of times in life – I mean let’s be real), you don’t know what is right around the corner. .
This week I’ve seen things come unexpectedly into peoples lives. Hard, challenging, tragic, life altering things. .
In the midst of it all – it was so clear how much we need each other and we need to love and have compassion for each other.
We need to listen to each other. Cry and laugh with each other. Hug someone who needs it. .
Today – call someone you love. Mend a broken relationship. Thank someone for all they have done. .
Life is too complex, beautiful, surprising and challenging to do it alone. .
Let’s do it together.



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