A little KY beauty And some thoughts for this morning: A journey always begins w…

A little KY beauty And some thoughts for this morning: A journey always begins with a single step. I speak to a lot of people who see a large journey in front of them and they become paralyzed with fear. I’ve totally been there! The fear of how much work and life change it will take to achieve the goals they have. For me, there has absolutely been times in my life where I didn’t WANT to take that first step to get started.
A huge example – my alcoholism. I did NOT want to do the work it would take to stay sober. But in my heart I knew if I didn’t stop it would eventually kill me.
I made a decision when I took my last drink that it would be my last. Tequila and sprite. I put the LARGE glass down, took a taxi home and the next day had the conversation I knew I had to have.
I had “put the glass down” many times before – so I knew I had to have someone else help me. So my first step in my journey of sobriety was having a conversation with my club manager, Alejandra, letting her know I had a problem, and I needed help. She called a 12 step program and had someone pick me up THAT AFTERNOON to go to my first 12 Step meeting. It saved my life. I’ve been sober since that day when I began the journey of sobriety.
It was one decision. One step forward. What is the journey you need to begin TODAY?



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