All for the love of this one sweet child. This is my sister in law and brother…

All for the love of this one sweet child.

This is my sister in law and brother in law. Tim’s brother James and his wife Alyssa. After I battled cancer, had multiple retrievals and unsuccessful embryo transfers in order to try and have our child – my sister in law asked us if she could try and carry our embryos for us. Ultimate babysitting 💕

So this strong amazing woman and her ever giving husband sacrificed so much these past 9 months in order for Josephine to be born. Alyssa was the absolute most amazing gestational carrier in the world.

One week ago today our daughter was brought into the world. She is the sweetest little girl that took all of us to make a miracle happen.

So much gratitude for James and Alyssa for helping our family grow ❤️



  1. allison.strickling says:


  2. sharonaclements says:


  3. luanamirandaoficial says:

    Cuanta gratitud amiga! Gracias a Dios 🙏

  4. stephjr5402 says:

    What a gift…❤️❤️❤️

  5. amysteppingup says:

    Amazing!! Beyond elated for you and Tim and the family!

  6. barbrohde says:

    Oh. My. Sweetness! Tears of joy over here! My heart feels on so many levels of your story! 💗

  7. ritzmother says:

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations 🎉

  8. schmidtcarrie00 says:

    Beautiful 💕

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