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As I head into the Global Leadership Summit this morning, I have many thoughts a…

As I head into the Global Leadership Summit this morning, I have many thoughts about what has happened at Willow Creek. I have been attending The Summit on and off for 13 years and have met many of the people in question. When I first heard of the accusations against Bill I was shocked, sad for the body of Christ as a whole and didn’t want to believe it.

But as someone who has advocated for women for over a decade, I prayed and prayed something would change the culture we have in the church today where women are STILL not heard or taken seriously when they come forward. Excuses made about protecting the family of the accused. Excuses made that shift the blame to the victim. It is all so very very sad and makes me angry for the integrity and future of the church as a whole. The church is meant to be a SAFE PLACE. I believe both Sr Pastors and the entire board of Willowcreek stepping down is a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately – my own history includes having been in a spot where I have had to make a stand with church leadership about how a sexual allegation was handled inappropriately and stepped away from and severed contact with that church.

Pastors and leaders I implore you to read this article. I pray you find deep repentance for your actions if you have been in a spot of covering up for someone for the so called sake of helping a pastor out who has had allegations against him. If you have created a false narrative, I pray you weep with repentance for the women that could be hurt in the future and your own sin of not telling the truth.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “On the eve of the 2018 GLS, they” (meaning the lead pastor and the entire board of Willow Creek) “admitted in a special congregational meeting that church leaders had failed to appropriately handle recent allegations of sexual misconduct against their founding pastor.” See comments for rest of my thoughts. link to the story about willow creek – (link in profile) :


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