Be Nice To Yourself

This is so absolutely true!

Our love and caring has to come from an overflow within us of love.

When you are depleted or haven’t cared for yourself in a period of time – your love for others becomes a challenge.

You find ourself tense, snappy and stressed.

Take some time and do things that fill you with joy.

It is imperative to take the time, energy and investment for yourself.

I went through a long period of not taking good care of myself.

I gained weight, got depressed and it took a while to shake myself out of it.

I had forgotten self care.

I had forgotten to make sure I was filled with joy and happiness.

It took a while to even figure out what I liked – I was that far away from taking care of myself.

Even the Bible says love your neighbor as yourself.

If you aren’t loving and caring for yourself – what does that say about how you are treating others?

Be nice to yourself. Don’t listen to self defeating voices. Invest in yourself. Care for your mind, spirit and body.

It will be worth it for you and everyone around you 🙂


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