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BeyourselfI spent a lot of years being who people wanted me to be. Trying to be what they thought I should be. Both good and bad.

I put my dreams on hold to build a life I didn’t want.

I even began sounding like other people. Behaving like other people and it threw me into a depression that I had to fight to get out of.

It took a very long time to even sort through what I liked. What gave me enjoyment. What I actually wanted to do every day with the best hours of my life.

And though that is constantly evolving, I am becoming more myself everyday.

What I found out?

+ I have an amazing life and I work hard to achieve my goals.

+ I love helping people become the best they can be and achieve their own goals.

+ I love music.

+ I love to cook.

+ I love teaching people new skills.

+ I have a passion for travel, nature and experiencing different cultures.

+ The dream of helping people get healthy that I had in my early 20’s is now happening (don’t give up on your dreams;))

+ I love working with yarn.

+ I have a husband that is perfectly designed for me.

+ I am strong and have overcome more things than most people experience in 3 lifetimes.

and so much more…

But above all – I am learning to just BE MYSELF and become the BEST VERSION of myself.

I want to encourage you all today. Be Yourself. Become the BEST version of yourself.

Because being yourself isn’t just loving the way you are, but loving yourself enough to take the necessary steps to being the best version of you.


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