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Diamond Coach!

diamondcoachA few months ago I hit rock bottom with my health and decided to make a difference.

I joined a Fitness Challenge and started changing my eating habits, started doing workouts from my home through Beachbody, and started drinking Shakeology every day!

Here is what changed. I got healthy, I got stronger, so far I’ve lost 16 lbs, over 25 total inches off my body and made the decision to help others do the same!

I became a coach and quickly became a Beachbody Diamond Coach (amazing to have the rank of Diamond Coach already!!) in 28 days with an amazing team of coaches under me who are also in their own fitness journey and inspiring others too!!

I am now making a great income, and contributing to our household. I’ve gotten to go to Mexico, pay bills and invest in my biz with what I’ve earned so far and help other people understand how to make their own income for their family!

I love getting to encourage the people in my challenge groups to get healthy and for my coaches to be successful in their biz!

If you would like to join a challenge group or find out how to be a coach, message me or say I’m in! below and I’ll get in touch with you shortly!

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