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Don’t Stop Now

I want to give you some real truth this morning. The only way to positively fail is to quit. There are so many things I believe you can accomplish in life if you just don’t give up. That doesn’t mean hanging on to a season or assignment that it’s time is up – yes – move on from that – but this is for your GOALS! Your DREAMS! No matter how long it takes.

I do see people all the time give up on the thing they are trying to accomplish. It happens with health goals ALL THE TIME. People don’t lose weight overnight (very unhealthy by the way) and they don’t want to put in the work long term to slowly move towards being healthy. To make the life changes necessary.

Have you ever started something with vigor then quit? I’ve had some major setbacks in my life before and I just pick myself up and keep going. Remember we are striving for progress not perfection you all!

I want to encourage you to not stop now! Keep going! Work with the end goal in sight and keep going for it!

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