Embrace your best self. Let your hair down! Live passionately. Dig in and work h…

Embrace your best self. Let your hair down! Live passionately. Dig in and work hard!

Happy Monday everyone!

Hoping you all had an amazing weekend and that you are making the most of every opportunity today.

Here are some keys to life to ponder on that I try to follow:

1. Be better today than yesterday. That could be working out just a little more, making better food choices, loving and investing in the people around me more, working on being the best version of myself and not being concerned about being the best version of someone else.

2. Don’t take myself so seriously. Remember to make time to live and enjoy life. Most of us work so hard to create a life we love then forget to love it.

3. Make every moment count. Easier said than done but if I go back to #1 -that means I’m not perfect, just going to do better today than yesterday.

4. If you want something to succeed – you have to put in the work. There are no easy solutions. No quick fixes. You want to be stronger at what you do? You have to put in the work. You want do get healthy? You have to learn to eat well and exercise. Want to learn something new? You have to study the best and see how it applies to you.

Live life fully you all! ❤️Sandi xoxo



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