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Finding YOUR Voice

It’s funny.

I grew up singing.

In the back woods of Kentucky, surrounded by land and cows singing at the top of my lungs.

Talking and talking as a child for anyone to listen.

Then it happened.

People told me to be quiet. 

From the music teacher in elementary school that told me I needed to blend with others around me, to people telling me I shouldn’t speak out so as not to disturb the force, rock the boat, etc… pick your own analogy.

And I’m done.

Realize – our voices matter and I am getting to use my voice by speaking, singing and writing. You will be hearing a lot more from me now.

You see, for the past two years I’ve been publicly pretty quiet. I’ve thought, written, prayed and asked God for direction on what to say. What to start writing about. What thoughts to share. It was like my very own cocoon process.

Now I’ve ripped through the cocoon. Time to fly.

Your voice matters too. Don’t let anyone or anything let you feel like you aren’t important, aren’t as qualified as them or aren’t as articulate as them. You matter. Your experiences are different than anyone else’s and you have a say in how your voice is heard. It doesn’t mean everyone has to be a superstar. You could just find your voice in your own group of friends or family. Or become a superstar if that’s what you want.

My friend Daniel was on the actual Voice and did fantastically.

He didn’t let people who may have thought he was crazy to stop him from moving to Nashville and pursue his dreams. He went for it. He let his voice be heard.

It’s time for us all to do the same.

How are you going to let your voice be heard today?  

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