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Four years ago today – July 10th 2012 – My body would forever change. My body ha…

Four years ago today – July 10th 2012 – My body would forever change. My body had started to recuperate from the rounds of chemo and was able to handle surgery. I had a little bit of hair growing back, yet my fingernails were still detached from the skin – making a gap that went all the way down to the little white moons everyone has. Eventually as my nails grew back out they slowly became attached again. Now, I was headed into an almost 6 hour surgery. .
I remember them moving me from the stretcher with wheels onto the cold metal of the surgical table, seeing a big light over me and then the meds kicked in and I woke up hours later. The details of what happened in those hours are pretty graphic. You can skip the next few paragraphs if you get queasy.
What the doctors were able to do was not typical. There were lots of factors about my body structure that made it possible to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction in the same surgery. Before I turned 30 while still working in the sex industry, I had implants put in. At the time of surgery I was a size E. Because of the amount of skin they had to work with it made immediate reconstruction possible. For me-my incisions were like the ones they make for reductions, like an anchor, from the middle down then around the bottom. My implants were over the muscle, so they still had to separate the muscle from underneath to put the new implants in. After it was all done I was a D. She then added a layer of Alloderm. Four years later and EVERYTHING is different. We have seen so much and it is only getting better. This upcoming season is going to be astounding and we appreciate those who have been in it with us through everything.
Cancer was hard. Jesus is stronger. No matter what circumstance is happening in your day, month or season, you CAN move forward. You CAN overcome it. You ARE stronger than you think. #Cancer#survivor#staugustine#nashville#beach#adventure#love#florida#miami#summer#foodie#surf#surfing#waves#ocean#mermaid#mermaidhair


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