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Getting Real about My Health

SandiandMonaHey EVERYONE. I’d love to fill you in on some recent developments. Things are going amazing at BeLoved with Sarah Hall at the helm and I have been busy writing and working on music, but I want to get really authentic about some of my recent challenges. I let you all know in my last blog HERE I would start talking about it soon, and that starts today. Two and a half years ago after having my double mastectomy and reconstruction, I was not in the best shape physically. I was in pain and all my doctors told me I needed to have a workout regimen to regain strength and lose some of the weight I had gained in the year and a half prior. But I didn’t listen to them. I went on my merry way thinking I’ll just change what I eat, trying to eat better and that in itself would get my weight back to normal. But it didn’t and I gained 40 pounds.

My body was changing and not in a good way. I started struggling with depression, and physically I was going downhill. I was constantly tired, and began to have back issues. A few months ago I was feeling so bad and I was concerned that my health was failing. My doctors sent me into CT Scans, Stress tests and blood tests and in the end, there was no illness, I was just completely out of shape and my body was under stress from the weight I had gained. It was at that point where I said enough is enough and I was ready to make a serious change.

So, a few days ago I reached out the the fabulous Mona Brown, my college roommate and great friend. Her posts always popped-up on my FB feed and I was seeing something really amazing with her healthy lifestyle! She had goals and she was inspiring others! You all know I am ALL ABOUT inspiring others, and knew this would be a part of a new journey for me, being able to inspire others to get healthy, not just spiritually and emotionally but physically too. So, a few days ago I reached out to her to start my journey to fitness!

Well, I jumped all in. I am so EXCITED to be a coach with Team BeachBody! To keep me motivated, accountable and moving forward I am taking you all with me. I am going to be very authentic with what it looks like and my wins and losses. I don’t have a before & after pic yet but will in a couple of weeks and I am just so thrilled to get you all started on something that is already changing my life on so many levels.

I am looking for 10 women to join my upcoming fitness and weight loss challenge that I will begin leading on March 8th. You can be anywhere in the US, not just KY! If you are at all interested please just fill out the contact info below and we will chat about YOUR goals! I have already learned a lot on my journey, and I am here to help.

Decide. Commit. Succeed. Inspire!

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