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Getting stronger everyday

You want to get real? Well then let’s get real.

Have you ever gotten dressed to go out and added layers to your clothes just hoping the draping would cover up your weight? Did you sit down and pull all your clothes forward to hide your weight? Have you gotten ready to take a picture and crossed your arms in front of you to try and hide your weight?

See the pic on the left? That’s me having done all three things above. On top of that – in that picture I was at one of the most insecure, unhappy, 40 lbs overweight, having trouble breathing going up the steps, back hurting, knees hurting moment and all the time trying to tell myself to “love the body I am in. Accept and embrace my weight gain and love myself”

Let me tell you something. Loving the body you are in means LOVE YOUR BODY ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WHEN IT IS UNHEALTHY.

So I finally had enough. I decided to do whatever it took. For me, I needed support. I needed something that taught me what portions of what food to eat. I needed workouts I could do from my house in 30 minutes and then be done. I needed other people around me doing the same.

I lost 25 lbs and am working on getting stronger everyday. I’m still in my journey of learning how to not emotionally eat. I still struggle. I still am learning. And you know what – I’m ok with it because I know this is a journey to getting my body and my health BACK.

I didn’t let anything stop me. NOT time, not finances, not what other people would think, not excuse after excuse I hear from people ALL THE TIME.

If you want something bad enough you will do anything it takes. Short on finances? Don’t drink Starbucks for a month and save up. Short on time? Suck it up and wake up earlier.

You can put off month after month year after year and NOT DO ANYTHING.

Aren’t you ready to care for yourself? You ARE worth it. And you CAN do it. I have people in my challenge groups losing 30, 40, 60 lbs. Getting stronger everyday.

I have a new challenge group coming up. We are going to challenge each other to get healthy. We have all the tools you need to start your journey. Are you ready to finally jump in? Message me and comment below, “I’m Ready!”

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