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Good morning everyone!! I woke up with the thought, “Pursue your dreams.” I don’…

Good morning everyone!! I woke up with the thought, “Pursue your dreams.” I don’t know who needs to hear it. I know I need reminded of it all the time.
Lots of people ask why I do what I do. Singing, fitness and lifestyle coaching, traveling. Why I’ve done what I’ve done. Non-profit, recovery groups, web design.

They were all dreams that were put into action.
Dreams to make the world a different place. To help those in need. To help give direction. To help give hope.
I have gone through many times of my life where I should have lost hope.
13 years in the sex industry. Depression. Rape. Cocaine and alcohol addiction. Poverty. Cancer. Abuse. Being overweight. Failed marriages. Betrayal.
But I didn’t give up. You can’t give up. You STILL can turn around your life at any point.
Today- I’m healthy. Getting stronger everyday. Healing from past wounds from strangers and friends. Sober and clean for 19 years. Married to an amazing man. Making income. Helping others. Writing and recording. Risking my heart to pursue my dreams I’ve had since I was a little long haired blonde girl.
You can do it to. Give yourself permission to dream. Make a plan. Put it into action. Take the the risk of failing.
Pursue your dreams. Because you could make them come true.


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