Good morning! How are y’all doing today? . Me – good – I have some updates for y…

Good morning! How are y’all doing today?
Me – good – I have some updates for you coming soon! For now – here is a thought for today.
Pursue your dreams. But not just the big wild audacious ones. Don’t forget the short term smaller ones. The ones that could only take a few weeks to accomplish or a few months. Write them down and go for it! Start with the goal, then work backwards and fill in the things you need to do to achieve it.
I think sometimes we get caught in the BIG THING that we miss the other goals we have on our hearts!
Lots of people ask why I do what I do. Biz coaching, creative endeavors, traveling, sharing my story, teaching the things I’ve learned, sharing my health journey, working on a book etc. Why I’ve done what I’ve done – Non-profit work, recovery groups, web design work.
They were all dreams that were put into action. AND I some some new ones on the horizon – FUN-NESS!!!!
Dreams to make the world a different place. To help those in need. To help give direction. To help give hope. To unleash the inner creator in us all.
You can do it to. Give yourself permission to dream. Make a plan. Put it into action. Take the the risk of failing. .
So what are you doing TODAY that helps you get closer to your dreams?



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