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You know – for me it was all about making healthier choices to feel good… it was not about how I looked. I was tired of feeling like I did. Back issues, getting winded going up steps, tired all the time… I had gained weight and wasn’t actually eating enough of the right things to make my body run at it’s best! I was exhausted. I had multiple failed gym memberships. I never ate veggies or drank water!

After going through chemo and my surgeries and then a bout of depression, I could not believe the reflection in the mirror. I decided I was not going to let myself continue to grow and to dislike how I felt and how I felt in my own skin. I barely recognized myself. On the inside I felt like someone who was glowing, a beauty, but my health felt like it was failing. So I did something about it and started making healthier choices and working a program that worked for me.

It’s about healthy choices. It’s about smart choices. It’s about taking care of yourself!

I am accepting 10 women who would like to start making better choices in May. I am accepting 10 women who want to support one another and get fit and healthy. You do not need to be a fitness expert to join us, you just have to have the desire for change and a serious dedication.

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Message me and Comment below “I am interested” to learn more!

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