Hey y’all, I’m Sandi and my goal is to help you make an impact in your life and …

Hey y’all, I’m Sandi and my goal is to help you make an impact in your life and the world around you.

I’m the founder of The Savage Impact Society http://savageimpact.com – a monthly membership that equips and empowers Christian women to build impactful businesses through simple strategies, collective wisdom and prayer and I’m also the Founder of The Ky Maker Co. – http://thekmco.com – a sweet yarn shop in downtown Versailles Ky.

Along the way, I’ve started online businesses, brick and mortar businesses, non-profits, ministries and even a couple of churches. I took my past history of addiction and helped launch and grow a recovery ministry. I took my past experience of working 13 years in adult entertainment to launch a non-profit that served women working in clubs.

I get excited when I talk about passion, purpose, Jesus and community because I KNOW that we are made for making an impact in our communities and I’m excited for us to do that together.

I have overcome a lot. Years working in the sex industry, breast cancer, fertility struggles and I had to fight at each step like a warrior to transform my life to the life I wanted. You can do it too. One decision at a time to make the changes necessary.

Now – I’m living a wonderful life. It’s not always easy – it’s not always pretty – but it is worth it. My husband @timsavage is amazing. I’m a cat mom to Pip, SnowToe and SugarBerri. I love my family and friends. I’m writing a ton, fly fishing more and I knit, crochet, weave, and do pretty much all things crafty. I love living a simple, meaningful, joy filled life and believe others should too.

If you ever have any questions – just shoot me a message.