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Hey y’all… I’ve been thinking. I’m going to create an online space where each mo…

Hey y’all… I’ve been thinking. I’m going to create an online space where each month I break down into easy steps a certain skill for adults and then simplify for kids so you can learn together! ‪The idea came from several people who have asked me‬ about classes at my craft shop. “Will you have a class for kids too?” ESPECIALLY now that everyone is home, wanting to learn something new and needing to find curriculum to teach kids from elementary to teenagers. The want to be self sufficient right now is huge! ‪So, I thought… I want to make this as simple, easy and accessible to people as I can. ‬My memaw, mom and mom-in-law taught this Kentucky gal all these amazing things and I’d love to pass them down to you! Sewing, knitting, cooking, canning vegetables, making jam etc.
Y’all here is what I see this becoming… A crew of people creating awesomeness for the next generation together! People having FUN learning something new that they can pass down!

Each month we would look at a different topic with bite-size videos, live online meetups (I know I am NEEDING connection with people these days!) and PDF’s you can print off. As long as you are a member in the crew you can go back to all the classes if you need a refresher! ‪So, this afternoon I created a registration page for it where you can join in and ‬I want to invite YOU to join me as a founding member. As a founding member you’ll be grandfathered in at the lowest rate ever offered for this monthly membership. $20/ month! When I roll this out on a larger scale next week this price WILL go up but your rate will ALWAYS stay at the lowest rate as a founding member.
PLUS what I’m really hoping that you will do as a founding member is help me shape the direction of this. I want your feedback – I want your ideas. The beginning right now is when most of that shaping is going to happen so you will have tremendous influence over the direction of where we take this!

So go HERE: and join the crew! You can get in on the founding member rate til Wednesday April 22nd then it will go up. We will be rolling out month #1 on May 1st – I cannot wait! See you over there!


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    Love this ❤️