Hey y’all! Listen… I am OBSESSED with building communities of people where we he…

Hey y’all! Listen… I am OBSESSED with building communities of people where we help each other accomplish our goals! For more info go to http://SavageLifeSkills.com/

Some years ago I started creating groups all over the place. Groups around books, online study groups, health and fitness groups, groups of musicians, groups teaching people crafts like knitting, groups to help people understand social media, groups to help people start their businesses.

If you looked from the outside – it seemed random. There were all these different topics – BUT – the thread that tied them together was doing it all in community!

I love gathering a group of people together to accomplish something.

Flash forward to a few years ago when this idea started to develop in my head that combined my love of teaching (even multiple different topics) with building a group and cultivating an online member’s community where women can go to be encouraged, supported, uplifted, get questions answered and just flat out do some fun life together!

And now I want US build a community of women learning some new skills (tangible AND emotional) to help us be women that shine our light wherever we are.

Through online masterclasses, worksheets, live Q+A sessions, a Facebook community, and more, we can get some amazing things done! Not only in our own hearts but those around us too!

So! if you want to find out more go to http://SavageLifeSkills.com/ and get on the waitlist/newsletter! By signing up (it’s free), you’ll get weekly blogs to your inbox that cover some basic skills and inspirational thoughts to get you through the week.

You’ll also get invitations to any free, live workshops I host online (they’re gonna rock) and be the first to hear when membership to our online community opens.

Love y’all! xoxo – Sandi
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