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Sandi Savage is a multi-passionate, multi business entrepreneur and non-profit founder. She is an expert builder of businesses and ministries, but most importantly a builder of people and love. Her passion is seeing people live in freedom and assisting in their journeys of healing and transformation. She is also a worship leader, speaker, writer, cancer survivor and an overcomer of years of abuse and exploitation she experienced while working in the sex industry.

Sandi gives an eyewitness experience of redemption. She is passionate about seeing people live their freest life possible through Jesus and her greatest joy comes from seeing people press through their obstacles and end up on the other side stronger. She is an innovative thinker, ministry and business catalyst. She is also an international leader and teacher for awareness, outreach and aftercare for sex industry workers. In 2005 she developed groups and curriculum for women struggling with sex, pornography and relational addiction that grew to be one of the largest in the United States.

Her passion was birthed from spending 13 years as a sex worker and finding healing from sexual abuse, breast cancer and infertility. She is also a dynamic business strategist, author and speaker. With 30+ years as an entrepreneur, 17+ years working in sex addiction recovery, and 15+ years in the non-profit and missions field she is a voice of wisdom and resilience for women who need to borrow courage to overcome their own life obstacles. 

She is currently working on launching an international Women’s retreat in the fall and publishing a memoir.

Sandi is a ninth-generation Kentuckian, has lived and traveled across the globe, and currently resides in Central Kentucky with her husband, Tim, baby girl, Josephine, and three diva cats. 

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