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Hey y’all!

I was thinking about you and wondering what you need help with the most in your life, health and biz so I can create things that rock for YOU! Message me and let me know!

For today – here is something I found that I LOVE…

Most of you have probably heard of something called Bulletproof Coffee. When you do a Pinterest search you will see tons of recipes. The most common is someone adding coconut oil or grass fed butter to their coffee or tea and then blending it til frothy in order to get the benefits of healthy fat in their diet.What most people don’t know is that Bulletproof is an company started by a guy who wanted to have reduced mold toxins in the things he ingested. Read about mold toxins in our diet HERE.

Bulletproof Coffee or tea can aid cognition and trigger weight loss through ketosis (eating foods high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates.) But more than that is is sourced in a way that reduces the mold we ingest through our daily awesome beverages.I got my cacao tea yesterday and I SWEAR it is the best smoothest tea I’ve had! You should DEF try it! (BTW – I am not or rep nor does this have an affiliate link to Bulletproof. Just sharing the awesomeness with you.)

Ok. So why does all this matter to YOU? Here is the deal. I am a part of a Beta Test that has been rocking my world. Learning the SCIENCE of how what we put in our body affects our body instead of blindly following and new fad product to “help you lose weight fast”I stand 100% behind what Beachbody offers to people. I love being a coach and helping people on their health journey AND I love the immense years of research they have put into their products and into our hands. There are so many things that offer a quick fix when it isn’t really addressing the overall issues.My point of this email?

#1 – Try Bulletproof coffee for yourself. It’s AMAZING.

#2 – Be sure you do the RESEARCH on whatever you are putting in your body. Don’t go for a quick fix. Go for solid health, nutrition and what works for YOU.

#3 – I care about your health. If you want to find out more about SLS Health and Fitness go HERE.

Have a great day y’all! Don’t forget to message me and let me know what you need help with the most in your life, health and biz so I can create things that rock for YOU!

Love, Sandi xoxo

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