In looking back at 2009-2019 and moving forward to 2020 I am amazed at what tran…

In looking back at 2009-2019 and moving forward to 2020 I am amazed at what transpired. From getting married to getting diagnosed with cancer and beating it – launching churches and a decade long dream of a craft shop, moving from Ky to Florida, to Baltimore to St Augustine and back to my beautiful home state of Ky. Writing music, beginning to write a few books, working on ideas for a play. Expressing creativity is a fuel to my heart and mind. ????
Spending time with family and friends new and old. The heartbreak was intense. The joy was immense. .
And 2019! What a year… I love that my top nine included – my hubs, my cats, friends, family, food and yarn. Sums up 2019! .
Thank you to my amazing husband @timsavage who is the BEST husband Jesus blessed me with, friends who check in on me to see how I am, family that loves and loves me, YOU my amazing social friends for supporting me and above all God for everything. .
So friends… Happy 2020. I’m praying this year you have 2020 clear vision. I woke up this morning full of hope and expectation for this new year! I am excited to see how awesome it is going to be! There are loads of new things in store, surprises right around the corner, and life to be lived! It is going to be a year of adventure, love, laughter and life. .
Happy 2020!



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