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It’s Good Friday. So why is it called Good Friday when it is one of the darkest …

It’s Good Friday. So why is it called Good Friday when it is one of the darkest saddest days of history that celebrates when Jesus was crucified? The day that seemed to be the biggest win of evil because they had killed Jesus was actually the necessary part of God’s plan. When God’s son Jesus was tortured and killed and took on the sin of the entire world it was the beginning of God’s plan to rescue us all. Picture it like this. You did something horrible and got caught. Then you have to go to court and when you get in front of the judge he knows he has to give you the death penalty for it. At the last minute this guy busts into the courtroom and says he will take the death penalty for you. That his love for you is so overwhelming he will get in your place. But you have to agree to it. As hard as it is. So you do. You accept it. Then He is killed for the things you’ve done. You are spared from the punishment. You have received grace. You’d live the rest of your life grateful. Singing songs about the guy. Talking about what he did.
Little did they know then that Jesus was going to come back to life a few days after his death. Jesus couldn’t be resurrected if he hadn’t died first. God’s plan. Jesus beating even death itself.
It was the day that instead of the end of His life, it was the beginning of the miracle of His resurrection we celebrate on Easter.
Here is the scripture that this day celebrates. But never fear. The resurrection was coming. The celebration of LIFE. .
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