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June Last Call

last callWhat does $4.66 a day for 30 days mean to you?

Is it worth kicking off your fitness and seeing some drastic changes?

Is it worth getting your energy back?

Is it worth fitting into that Bikini this year?

This deal ends on the 30th… take action now. After the 30th the program goes back to its normal price.

$4.66 a day you are going to see some impressive results (if you stick to it)

$4.66 a day you are going to actually replace lunch (so if you are already spending that much on lunch, it totally negates the price of all of this).

$4.66 you’re going to receive a portion control system that takes the guess work out of your eating.

$4.66 a day you’re going to get a coach who will guide you every step of the way.

$4.66 you’re going to work with a group of ladies who are just as motivated as you to make some big changes.

$4.66 you’re going to get a killer fitness program that is proven to work.

I paid $4.66 a day for a month to get these kind of results… oh and so did countless other challengers who had the similar results as I did.

On top of that, Beachbody is also donating $10 to International Justice Mission for every one of those challenge packs sold to help end human trafficking and slavery!

Message me or comment below if you are interested.

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