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Les Mis 13 Years Later

lesmisIn 2002 I spent the summer in London, England with my Bestie. I was booking adult entertainers into Mexico and thinking of starting a pornography production company- I was at one of the pinnacles of my chosen career at that time, and I was miserable.

One of my friends from college was in Les Miserables and one night we got to go to the show, and afterward we went backstage and I got to sang onstage. It was an incredible night in the midst of so much turmoil in my life.

Now, 13 years later, after finding healing and creating an incredible life filled with adventure and love, I get to take my fantastic husband to see Les Mis in New York.

No matter where you are in life – you can start again. You can create the life you always wanted to live.

Never give up and always have hope.

Love you all-

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