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Less than 100 days til we get to meet our sweet baby girl! What were some things…

Less than 100 days til we get to meet our sweet baby girl! What were some things you found were absolutely necessary to have for your newborn?


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  1. 💞 tengo una lista de cosas muy necesarias, y las que no son indispensables 😉

  2. I’ve found that all you really need is what I call a “boob and a butt cover” 😂😂😂. In other words, a bottle and a diaper. That’s all you really need to survive. But there are lots of things that can make your life more easy. One thing I love is coconut oil at the changing station. A little coconut oil on a wipe cleans up poop better than anything. We use it with every diaper change and have only had one or two diaper rashes with each of our girls. We really love a wipe warmer at the changing station. I know that sounds completely over the top, but they are seriously so great! Muslin cloths are great for swaddling and covering the car seat. And if you’re into it, I highly suggest trying out different methods of baby wearing until you find the one that works for you. (I used several different methods which changed as my kids grew.). There are so many different methods and I’ve just about tried them all.

  3. jberry4478 says:

    A wonderful home church we were attending when Ariya was born gifted us a Baby Bjorn Bouncer. It is incredible! Eleanor is almost 10 months and still uses it. Probably the best thing we didn’t know about until having kids.

  4. Onsies when Hannah and Harris were both born we went through so many, I love all their cute outfits we were gifted,but #1 was having those on hand In many sizes because they don’t stay newborn very long. I am so excited for you!! 😍🙌❤️