(linkinprofile)If you are wanting or needing to learn in your home but are sick…

????https://bit.ly/virtualknitting (linkinprofile)????If you are wanting or needing to learn in your home but are sick of countless YouTube videos that really don’t explain how to knit clearly? Tired of getting all tangled up trying to knit? Tried knitting before then gave up?
We are hosting multiple online real-time knitting classes via web conferencing so you can have an instructor guide you, connect with other students and not have to leave the house!
By the end of this course you will know how to finish and create your very own project!
We will chat about different types of needles, yarn, etc so that you can make an informed decision about what type of yarn you want to work with and what needles work best with it (and the best places to find all that!).
You will fall in love with making great gifts for your friends and family (or yourself:)) and more!
Once you register we will email with details on where and how to get your yarn and needles so you are ready to go for classtime! You will need one ball of bulky yarn and knitting needles for that yarn size. .
Curriculum: All About Those Different Types of Yarn, Needles Needles and More Needles, How to Cast On, The Actual Knit Stitch, How to Cast Off .
https://bit.ly/virtualknitting .
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