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“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” – Mother Teresa.

I have gone through multiple seasons of my life where I felt lonely. Walking alone in the world, outcast and misunderstood. Abused and forgotten.

I’ve seen community at it’s best and it’s worst. Loving deeply and then absent.

I’ve seen friends come and go and come back again.

I believe we are built to be in relationship and community with each other, encouraging each other, sharpening each other, loving each other and serving each other with the specific gifts we are given.

God created a hole in each of us that is to be filled with a joyous, loving community. If you don’t have one… seek one out.

But above all, God created a hole in each of us that longs to be in relationship with Him.

I remember the day I gave my life to Him the ultimate loneliness in my heart was forever filled. I was finally in relationship with the one that created me. From that point on I was never fully alone.

But I still needed people. My tribe. I prayed for a community of people to do life with.

If you find yourself in a lonely spot, ask what needs to be filled. Do you need relationships in a great community and/or do you need to be in relationship with God?

Life is a gift ya’ll. Live abundantly. Lead your life passionately and love those around you.

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