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Looking outside this morning and saw that snow coming down! Thankfully I work fr…

Looking outside this morning and saw that snow coming down! Thankfully I work from home – I do NOT like driving in the snow! I remember last year I didn’t drive for over a week when snowmageddon hit KY.

So what am I doing today?

*** Checking in on my 100+ coaches on Team Transformation Legacy and check in on the 42 coaches in the new coach training group

*** Encouraging the 76 people currently in Challenge Groups that are rocking it out!!!!! I love getting messages: I lost 8 lbs this week! I lost 10 inches this week! and on and on. They are rockstars working to get healthy.

*** Did my workout and drank my shakeo.

*** I’ll read some personal development for business. It’s always great to learn new things! If you want to be successful at anything you have to put in the work of learning how.

*** Prep for a great webinar for people wanting to find out about coaching at 8 pm EST. (I am only taking 10 new people to mentor so if you want in, let me know!) If you want to jump on, here is the link:

*** It’s TeamWORK Wednesday so I’ll have a video chat with any new coaches on the team to get them started right and help them set some goals. Also host our weekly team meeting. LOVE getting to see their faces!

*** Knit. Cause it’s a snowy day. Well. Knitting is great everyday.

*** Cook up some healthy food for me and my hubby.

I love my days. Work stuff takes an hour or two. Wednesdays a little more since that is the day I do live training…

What are you doing today?


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