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Love being a part of this wonderful group of women. Ladies if you are a speaker,…

Love being a part of this wonderful group of women. Ladies if you are a speaker, come be a part of our community!
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We’re back with another WSC Global member spotlight! 

Join us in celebrating one of our newer members, Sandi Savage (@sandisavage).

As a writer, speaker, and singer, Sandi’s passion was birthed from spending 13 years as a sex worker and finding healing from sexual abuse, breast cancer, and infertility. With 30+ years as an entrepreneur, 17+ years working in sex addiction recovery, and 15+ years in the non-profit and missions field, Sandi is committed to helping women know that they, too, can overcome anything.

When did Sandi discover that her voice has power? Check out her response to this question below:

“Nineteen years ago, the first time I publicly told my story about leaving the sex industry and giving my life to Christ, I had a family member give their life to Christ that same day. Since then, being able to speak about Jesus, overcoming cancer, and finally, becoming a mom at the age of 50 has been a source of hope to others. I believe honesty and truth about our lives has the power to connect, heal, and give life.”

Today, Sandi continues to use her voice and influence to empower others. Her memoir, “You Knit Me”, is being published this summer, and she is also launching a publishing company to help others get their stories of redemption into the world. Sandi has a goal of publishing at least 20 books written by women in the next few years!

We are so thankful that Sandi is a part of our community, and hope you’ll take a moment to connect with her today:

Instagram: @sandisavage
Book Sandi to speak: 

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