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More masks headed out today! If you need one – read the details below! . Long …

✨ More masks headed out today! If you need one – read the details below!
???????? Long post but read to the end. Y’all. I had no idea how many of you are in need of masks! I put up a quick post about making some for my fam and so many of you reached out for them! I want to give them away for free – so I’ve decided for the month of April anyone who places an order online at I am going to add in a free mask with your shipment. (Make a note during checkout if you need more than one.) .
➡️ So if you need a mask just go online and get something and that will cover fabric and shipping costs and then I’ll have your address to ship it to you. If you cannot afford that let me know and I will send you a mask. Also remember this week 20% of sales I am sending to a recovery center for women. .
???? Currently I am working on the 60+ masks that were requested over the weekend and will be shipping out and delivering starting tomorrow. .
???? As soon as you get your mask, wash it. They have been sprayed with disinfectant, but to be safe wash it and wash your hands. It has a pouch where you can place extra filtration from more fabric, coffee filters, dried baby wipes, I’ve seen it all posted online. Anything we do can help. .
???? I’ll post in the comments the pattern I am using so if you sew, make masks for people. In the next week or so – I will start videoing some sewing tutorials. I’ll talk more about this later but in something like this you clearly see how we ALL need basic necessity skills – and I am fortunate to have been raised on a farm and taught how to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, garden, can food, make clothes etc… and I want you ALL to know how to do it too.
???? Y’all stay safe and remember to social distance. Even with a mask. Cotton masks can help prevent you spreading the virus in case you are asymptomatic and don’t know you have it but you NEED to social distance. Don’t try to work around the system. Just STAY HOME and away from people. It’s the only way we can stop the spread. ❤️


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