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Hey, you all, how are you doing? Sandi Savage here. I thought I would just check in today and see what was going on. How is everybody doing? Gosh, I have gotten news from friends that are in the hospital. I have gotten news from friends that are doing great. You know, I know for us, we’ve been kind of work a lot from home anyway,

you know, we have the shop down in Versailles and we’re not going to open back up until, until it’s a little safer from a clientele. But before that, I have worked from home online for years. So you all, I hope you’re having number one a fantastic day. And number two, that you’re staying safe and that you are making sure that you’re taking every caution that you need to. Wash those hands, wear your mask when you’re out. I know I’ve got to go out here in a little bit and I will be puttin on my mask.

So I just want to check in, and also, you know, I’ve been talking a lot about story, and my own story, but I really believe that there is power in people’s stories. You know, last week I read a bunch from a book that I’m writing and I’ll continue to do that as I’m writing it just so you all can hear a little bit about what’s going on behind the scenes.

But I really believe that one of the greatest lies that we listened to as people is that we are alone. That we’re the only one, that no one’s experienced what we’ve experienced. And so when we share our stories, I believe that it makes the world a little closer. I believe that people can see hope and redemption and a path through what they may be going through when we share our stories.

It lets people know that we aren’t alone at all. So that’s why you’ve been hearing me talk about that a lot. It’s something that I, I really believe in. I believe that we need to share our stories, that we need to be able to freely talk about our past and our present or a future with people without fear of judgment or fear in general.

Because I really think that it is something that will knit people closer together. So I’ve been talking a lot about that and I hope that you all get out there and share your own stories too. I’ll be sharing a little bit more through these next few weeks, just from the book and, and a few more thoughts that I have on the topic.

So I’m going to sign off for today. Just wanted to check in with y’all and I hope to see you saying I’ll probably see you tomorrow. Have a fantastic, fantastic rest of your day and talk to you later.

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