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No mind not heart is even beyond repair

If you don’t know my story, then you may not know how much my mind and heart needed repairing. Or course there are still areas I’m working on, I’m not perfect – but I am doing the work:)

You see, for years I would bury emotion and not deal with it. To this day I find myself sometimes trying to hide hurt from my own mind and heart.

But what I’ve learned is that in order to heal, I have to allow myself to feel.

Sometimes, that is so hard. I’d like to stuff all those emotions down. But you don’t heal that way.

Let yourself experience the emotions that you feel. Talk to someone. (That does not mean talk to everyone about it via social media lol)

Get to a spot that allows your heart and mind to heal from the past.

I promise you can heal. It is possible!

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