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OK! For those of you who just want the option to buy a mask – here you go! : (…

???? OK! For those of you who just want the option to buy a mask – here you go! : (link in profile – swipe to see back)
???? In the past few weeks we have gotten to donate around 100 masks – isn’t that awesome! And still for the month of April anyone who places an order online at I am going to add in a free mask with your shipment. If you need extra just let me know on the notes in your order.
???? This face mask has a pouch to insert a filter of your choosing. Filters are not included. Mask has ties attached to it to tie on your head and neck. .
***Material will vary by order. The ties will be different fabric pattern on most masks.***
???? As soon as you get your mask, throw it in the dryer on hot for at least 20 mins. They have been sprayed with disinfectant, but to be safe put it in the dryer and wash your hands. It has a pouch where you can place extra filtration from more fabric, coffee filters, dried baby wipes, I’ve seen it all posted online. Anything we do can help.
???? Y’all stay safe and remember to social distance. Even with a mask. Cotton masks can help prevent you spreading the virus in case you are asymptomatic and don’t know you have it but you NEED to social distance. Don’t try to work around the system. Just STAY HOME and away from people. It’s the only way we can stop the spread. ❤️ *Pattern adapted from original pattern by Cathie Fillian.


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