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OK y’all… Let me let you in on something amazing I’ve been a part of for well …

OK y’all… Let me let you in on something amazing I’ve been a part of for well over a year. The Female Entrepreneur Association! Enrollment to the Female Entrepreneur Association is closed to the public, but I have a special backdoor link that can get you in during February right here: – link in profile

Joining the Female Entrepreneur Association was one of best decisions I’ve made for my business. For me it was actually about surrounding myself with like minded women from ALL OVER THE WORLD who are driven, have passion and a positive mindset. There are women who have online businesses, brick and mortar business, network businesses – you name it! We get together online all the time to learn and brainstorm.

Since I’ve been a member I’ve made some incredible connections, collaborations and gained friendships for life. The Facebook group is like 24/7/365 biz cafe where you can solve your problems and get answers to your questions. It’s the best group I’ve ever belonged to. Come and join us, we have lots of fun as well! When you become a member you also get access to world class training in tons of different areas. Want to know how to rock social media? Write a book? Build an email list? I can go on and on.

PLUS – if you use the promo code: FRIENDS2018 it will enable you to save $10 a month and join at the 2017 rate of $37 per month.

Listen. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I would love for you to be able to join me and thousands of other women around the world!

I LOVE being part of the Female Entrepreneur Association! They’ve helped me so much with my business! Come join us and we can all hang out over there and build our businesses!


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