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Podcast Interview with Abby Hamilton

About Abby:

Abby Hamilton is a Kentucky born-and-raised country and folk-rock singer-songwriter, with an ironic and sincere lyrical perspective. There’s a quiet power in her performance that quickly grows to a roar, and she can easily bring you to tears or into fist-pumping sing-alongs. She guides her listeners along with active storytelling that ranges from hilarious tales of life in the working class, retelling of classic themes, and of course, good ol’ country heartbreak. Abby has spent the last year opening for acts like Dawg Yawp, Valley Queen, Lost Dog Street Band, Boy Named Banjo, Nicholas Jamerson, Justin Wells, Grayson Jenkins, Brother Smith, Joe’s Truck Stop, and many more!

Where to find Abby:

Instagram: @abbyehamilton
Spotify: Abby Hamilton
Debut EP Broke Girl available on all streaming platforms and where music is sold.

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