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Savage Life Skills Tip for Cast Iron

Hey y’all! If you are fortunate enough, you may have some cast iron in your cabinets. I have some of memaws cast iron and I love it! Here is a SLS Tip for you… After cleaning, dry your cast iron on the stovetop.

When it comes to cast iron: MOISTURE = RUST! Don’t worry about drying a wet pan with a towel, just place the pan back on a burner on low heat. Allow it to sit until all moisture evaporates from the inside, the outside, and even on handles. Allow pan to cool before handling again.

Some people can get intimated about cast iron, but once you learn the basic care and upkeep you will LOVE cooking in it! Tomorrow in the Savage Life Skills Newsletter – I’ll be giving everyone a full tutorial on how to season, clean and care for cast iron. So if you aren’t on the newsletter – go get on it!


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