Six years ago today – July 10th 2012 – My body would forever change. I woke up V…

Six years ago today – July 10th 2012 – My body would forever change. I woke up VERY early in the morning, Tim and I got in the car and we drove to the hospital. My body had started to recuperate from the rounds of chemo and was able to handle the surgery. I had a little bit of hair growing back, I was feeling stronger, and yet my fingernails were still detached from the skin – making a gap that went all the way down to the little white moons everyone has. Eventually as my nails grew back out they slowly became attached again.

It’s crazy how the body heals.

I had been in so many meetings with multiple doctors, been stuck so many times with multiple needles, but this day was different. I was headed into an almost 6 hour surgery. Tim and I were in loads of prayer, as well as having an entire prayer team on text messaging.

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