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So I don’t know about you. But for me… dropping 16 inches off of my body in 2 mo…

So I don’t know about you. But for me… dropping 16 inches off of my body in 2 months has changed my life. More energy, more strength, more mobility, more LIFE. I am regaining myself again. I took to my office chair and the couch the whole time during the Covid lockdown. I tried to eat good and would be starving then binge snacks every afternoon. Then one day I said NO MORE. I HAVE to pull it together. I got a coach, a plan, an incredible community and my life back. Are you ready for that? HMU. Next wave of my challenge group starts next Monday and I’d love to see YOU in there. Message me, like this – reach out to and I’ll keep in it with you. Time to invest in yourself. It matters to everyone around you for you to come back to life too.


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  2. schmidtcarrie00 says:

    I hear you hun. I too have been sitting to much, eating to much junk and then wonder why I feel horrible 😞 I have gained 40+pds since covid began and I hate looking in a mirror. None of my cloths fit and all I want to do is sleep due to lack of energy. I need a change. 6 1/2yrs ago I dropped 40pds and felt great, looked better, felt healthier , less pain and tons of energy I could actially walk for 2hrs and could walk longer if I wanted to. I need and want to be healthy in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. I need help 😢

  3. schmidtcarrie00 says:

    P.S I look like I am pregnant 😢